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Most Adorable Native Animals in America


Alabama: Swamp Rabbit

The swamp rabbit can adapt to a wide variety of habitats, from woodlands to honeysuckle patches. Their name may make it seem like they eat, well, swamp things, but their diet includes leaves, fruit, corn, and soybeans.

Arizona: Black-Chinned Hummingbird

Black-chinned hummingbirds have to keep busy to stay healthily fed, seeking out the nectar of more than 90 species of plants. You’ll generally find them in open areas, though they don’t mind urban settings if there are enough flowers and vines nearby for them.

Arkansas: Black Bear

Black bears might seem scary, but they really are averse to human contact. And their babies? Adorable.

California: California Sea Lions

California sea lions can often be spotted along offshore rocks, hanging out with their sea lion buddies. It’s worth waiting around, just in case they decide to play in the surf.

Colorado: Prairie Dogs

Black-tailed prairie dogs are found throughout 500,000 acres of Colorado. Though developers and ranchers often consider them nuisances, they play an important part in their ecosystem. They also seem to enjoy biscuits.

Connecticut: Snowshoe Hare

Found mainly in the northwest region of the state, the snowshoe hare is born with a distinctive advantage: They’re born fully-furred, with open eyes, and can pretty much walk and hop right away.

Delaware: Gray Fox

The gray fox is the state’s official wildlife animal, but it is far, far older than the fair state. These swift animals (which can also climb trees) are estimated to have origins from 10 million years back.

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