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4 Ways Travel Isn’t Like the Old Days


Ahh, the good old days of travel. You juggled paper documents, learned a new currency in every country, and waited until you got home to show off your vacation photos. But now it’s a brave new world. Has travel evolved for better or for worse? Read on to decide if you miss any of these old-school travel experiences, and be sure to browse our guide to fun family vacations if you’re longing for adventure!

Paper maps

Sure, they were impossible to fold, but a map never sent you down a dead-end street or dropped its satellite signal. Side note: You might want to hang on to your map-reading skills. Science is beginning to question if our reliance on technology is eroding our brain’s natural abilities at tasks such as spatial orientation and finding our way around in unfamiliar places.

The glamour of air travel

During the Golden Age of Air Travel in the ’50s and ’60s, flying was a luxury, and passengers were pampered with gourmet meals and free-flowing cocktails. After deregulation of the airlines in the late ’70s, the rise of low-cost carriers made flying increasingly accessible. But it also meant buh-bye to the charm of eating on real china and piano lounges on the upper deck!

Traveler’s checks

These paper checks were refundable if lost or stolen and required ID to cash. You also had to stash the serial numbers somewhere in your luggage in case you had to make a claim. Amazingly, they’re still around, though most people now rely on ATMs and credit cards.

Inflight perks

Tablecloths and silverware. Little bags of toiletries. Socks to keep your feet warm. Blankets and pillows. Now you’re happy if you get a free beverage!

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